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Post  Admin on Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:12 pm

To all BBF Membears-
We are very happy when you, members, would like to help around the community with specific jobs by volunteering. Since we have just opened this forum, we have some jobs that will need to be filled. When a member quits at their volunteer job, or is no longer active, we take their job away and give it to a new member. So before you decide you want to help out, ask yourself this: Are you going to be an active member that is doing this to HELP people? If answered to yes-volunteer! Here are a list of jobs available and what they do:

(Note: Admins will be very rarely available, and if so we will ask for a specific member to be an admin if we see you are serious about BBF. Mods will have a specific occasional form.)

Jr. Admin: This job is the third in command. These guys are all-around helpers. Certain Jr. Admins will moderate in certain areas.

Chat-Box Mod: These people have to be willing to hang around the chat box for a while. They moderate the chat box!

News-Reporters: They are in charge of reporting all of the latest bearville news.

Graphic Designers: The special ones! ;] They get to design a lot of logos, and help around in the graphic area.

Please note that we take these jobs very seriously. If you are going to commit to this you must be able to come on at least three times a week. There was an old saying once, "If you slack, we smack." (Don't worry we won't smack you ;] ) Seriously though, don't slack! It's an honor and a privalage to get a staff position so do your job with care and joy!

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