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Hello membears! Like all website, this site along with the fun comes with rules. If you take any action to disobey these rules, consequences will be paid. Thanks for understand. -The BVB staff suggests that you review these rules with a parent/guardian -Do not share any personal information about yourself or another member. For example: a. phone number b. email c. name d. school e. where you live (continents are ok, but states and especially cities are NOT aloud.) (You may share your age) -BE KIND! At BVB, we agree to be kind so that this website can be fun to all people. If someone is being a bully or being unkind to another membear, please report this immediately. Please follow the Golden Rule. -Watch what you say. We do not allow: ~swearing ~cussing ~sexual content ~anything that is innapropiate! If you see any membear doing that, report immediately. -Please do not ask to be assigned on the staff. If there is a post asking for volunteers, you may speak up, but do not just ask. Note that we notice each members tasks and whatever they do, and take each member under consideration. -Some colors are for special assignments only. Red and Blue are for the use of Admins and Mods only! Please do not use them. -Please post in the appropiate area. BVB is much more fun if each member post where it is supposed to go. We try to make it as easy as we can to post in the accurate topics. We really do not like to move them to the correct spot, so please post where you are supposed to. -Last, but certainly not least, we ask that everyone can have fun! We created this site so that you can have fun! ~Any person who does not abide to these given rules might have to take a "vacation" or even banned from this site. Thank you for understanding!~ -James and the BVB Staff =]